several bottles of milk on a doorstep

Milk Bottles on Doorstep

Near Kelso Borders Region Traveling by bicycle, I often observed small details that would have gone undetected at automobile speed. Milk delivered to the door was one custom still alive and well, thriving and common even in Edinburgh, a city of 500,000. Empties are placed in a designated spot, and in the pre-dawn chill the friendly neighborhood milkman makes his …

Royal Scots Greys memorial silhouette

Royal Scots Greys Memorial

Princes Street Gardens Edinburgh Lothian Region A handsome equestrian statue overlooks Princes Street Gardens, a tribute to the Royal Scots Greys regiment. I had seen it many times in passing down Edinburgh’s main thoroughfare, but never had it looked so splendid as on this winter evening silhouetted against a brilliant sunset. Scotland has always had a long and proud military …

two sheep standing on a litter box

Sheep on Litter Box

Grey Mare’s Tail Dumfries and Galloway Region Sheep are known for wandering just about anywhere they can conjure up in their minds to go. Sometimes fences and boundaries have no effect. They squeeze through holes seemingly too small to accomodate them. These two were encountered while I was cycling through the Yarrow Valley toward Moffat.

person on a horse on top of a foggy hill

Cliftoncote Farm

Near Yetholm Borders Region Murray surveys the surrounding hills to ensure no sheep were missed by the dogs making their sweep to bring them in for the evening feeding.

horned highland cattle eating hay

Highland Cattle

Near Kilmuir Isle of Skye Soon after I arrived in Scotland I was surprised by my first view of Highland cattle. The shaggy, long-horned breed are especially suited to the cold, windy weather that Highland winters can bring. They remind me of a cross between a musk ox and a Texas longhorn. I have been told they are generally a …

dark clouds over a field with a stone fence around it

Darkening Clouds

Morebattle Borders Region These are the skies that made for interesting experiences while I was outdoors all summer on bicycle tours. Showers could pop up anytime unexpected, but often by the time one could get his raingear out, the shower had passed and it was sunny again. After several encounters, through experience, I would know which clouds and which skies …

man working on a horses hoof

Equine Pedicure

Bonchester Bridge Borders Region The Borders Region is horse country. Going back hundreds of years when horses were the primary mode of transportation, and Borders townspeople periodically rode into the hills to patrol their common grazing areas from raiding Englishmen, the tradition of horsemanship runs deep. This fellow I met in Bonchester goes to area farms putting shoes on horses, …

pile of fishing ropes and nets

Tools of the Fisherman

Stonehaven Harbor Grampian Region A North Sea storm left this early dusting of snow on nets and ropes. The town was still asleep as I had gotten out early for a Sunday morning walk around the harbor. Without having heard a weather forecast, I was taken by surprise with the white ground cover. Not that the Scottish meteorologists are any …

two signs that both say Coull 2 1/2 pointing in opposite directions

2 1/2 Miles

Grampian Region Ever feel like you’re traveling in circles?